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Windows 10 Pro is an operating system that secure your advance privacy protection on your   professionals and businesses , virtualization capabilities, and remote connectivity. With its enhanced security features, Windows 10 Pro ensures that your data and information are safeguarded against potential threats. Additionally, the operating system offers powerful management tools, allowing you to efficiently control and monitor your devices.

Important Notes:

  • Does not bind to your Microsoft account
  • It cannot be used for an upgrade from the previous Windows versions, it will not work on the “Windows 10 Pro N”
  • Can not be reactivated/transferred to another computer
  • Instant delivery – 2 minutes
  • Activation instructions are provided in the email with the key
  • Permanent activation
  • Region: Global
  • Multilingual
  • Updates possible
  • An invoice will automatically generate upon placing an order.
  • Live chat or email support


Windows 10 Pro Features:


  1. Professional Features: Windows 10 Pro is specifically designed with features tailored for professionalism and business use.
  2. User Interface (UI): The Professional version offers a unique UI with easy navigation, tips, and guides, making it user-friendly for all, including those with physical disabilities.
  3. Robust Security: The OS is equipped with robust security features, including encryption methods, enhanced Windows Defender, and hardware root-of-trust, providing protection against cyberattacks.
  4. Cloud Integration: Windows 10 Pro seamlessly integrates with cloud services, enhancing accessibility and ensuring data safety even when disconnected from the cloud.
  5. Domain Join: The ability to join a domain provides access to shared resources, centralized organizational management, and control over business devices.
  6. Group Policy Management: The inclusion of the Group Policy Editor allows administrators to define and enforce policies for user accounts and computers on a network.
  7. BitLocker Drive & Device Encryption: BitLocker, a full-disk encryption feature, protects data by encrypting entire volumes and drives.
  8. Remote Desktop: Windows 10 Pro enables remote connection and control of business devices, offering complete control even when away from the office.
  9. Hyper-V Virtualization: Built-in virtualization platform for creating and running virtual machines, facilitating testing and development purposes.
  10. Assigned Access: This feature allows the setup of a single application environment, restricting user access to specific applications for scenarios like creating Kiosk systems.
  11. Windows Update for Business: Provides additional control over Windows updates, allowing IT professionals to manage and control the deployment of updates across devices in an organization.
  12. Windows Information Protection (WIP): WIP helps protect business data by differentiating between personal and corporate data, enforcing policies, and preventing unauthorized disclosure.
  13. Windows Defender Antivirus: A built-in security solution for real-time protection against viruses, malware, and other malicious threats.
  14. Performance: Windows 10 Pro is designed to provide optimal performance for business devices.
  15. Activation: To unlock all features, users need to activate Windows 10 Pro with a retail key.

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